Special Venues: Villa Poropati (Kongres magazine)



Villa Poropati is ideal for those wishing to stay in the unspoiled countryside where the time has stopped but at the same time can experience the busier nearby seaside towns, resorts and beaches. With lots of space around and numerous facilities, Villa Poropati is an ideal retreat for families and adult groups and it is well suitable for hosting various events, presentations and weddings.

Surrounding the property is its own 5 acres estate with vineyards, walks and woodland which the guests are welcome to explore. Guests can also taste the fine wines made by the local vineyard from the grapevines surrounding the property. Enjoy the sights, attractions and restaurants at your own pace and treat yourself to the best local produce. Have a perfect relaxing break soaking up the sun. Villa Poropati also offers a multifunctional space, suitable for hosting events, meetings and seminars. The hall can host up to 40 participants and features a luxurious kitchen and a spacious wardrobe.

source: Kongres magazine